Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday 5 for March 19 - Chit Chat

Aura Aura Climber

Totally useless Friday 5 questions, but here goes...

1. “Come here often?”

I don't have a "here" that I go to often that other people ask me about. And if they did my answer would be "no". Fact is the only "here" that I go to often is work and home. Home is my best "here".

2. “What’s new?”

That would depend on what was new at the moment. If there is nothing, then more often than not, "nothing new". But once in a while there is something new - like a new car, new computer, new song or a new place. "What's new" like most of these are just idle chatter topics people come up with when there is nothing to really talk about.

Currently the latest "what's new" for me is a $2 game I bought online for the Nintendo DSi called "Aura Aura Climber". Got it last week. Kind of cutesy game probably aimed at kids but a good pass time for a few minutes.

3. “[insert your recent weather condition here] enough for ya?”

"Rain" enough for you - maybe, maybe not. No one ever asks "hurricane" enough for you.

4. “How’s it hangin?”

I don't like that question, never ask it myself. Sounds so hip-hoppish.

5. “How ’bout them [insert local sports team here]?”

"How bout them Rainbow Warriors", which in most cases the answer is "not so good".

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  1. games.. yeah, there's always new in games.

    have a good one!