Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday 5 for January 6, 2012 - Inventions

1. If they could invent a remote control for something in your house that doesn’t have one, what would you wish it to be?

A remote control that would find the missing remote controls for my devices. What I envision is a remote control that sits stationary. You clap your hands in its direction and the device locates the regular, missing remotes by activating their infrared signals and showing the location on my TV or computer screen.

2. What could your car really use that they just hasn’t invented yet?

The ability to jump over obstacles and traffic like Speed Racer's Mach 5. Also the ability for the car to have power saws to cut new roads while on the go... just like the Mach 5.... Also a car with a remote homing device camera to enable the driver to see objects way ahead of or behind him... just like the Mach 5. In fact just about everything the Mach 5 can do, I wish my car could do too. See video at top.

Of course one thing that would make cars and even some flying machines obsolete is the invention of the TRANSPORTER like they have on Star Trek. Beam me up Scotty!

3. Who among your friends could probably be a great inventor if he or she had enough funding to do it?

No one.

4. What invention seems to do its job in a less-satisfying manner than the old-fashioned way?

Mac OSX Lion - I like Snow Leopard better. Too much dumbing down of the Mac OS to make it more like iOS.

5. Lately, vending machines have gone beyond drinks and snacks: you can rent DVDs from them or even purchase iPods from them. What’s something your life could be improved by if it were available in vending machines?

Maybe one that could sell you gift cards for iTunes Store,, WalMart, Outback Steakhouse, and other merchants. I'm not that big on vending machines, but that could probably be popular. Never seen anything like that... though I would think someone already invented it.

Another good one would be a vending machine that sold airline ticket coupons.

Questions generated from Scivener's Friday 5 blogsite.

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