Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday 5 for August 17: Statehood!

Hawaii Statehood 1959

Historic photo from the Hawaii State Archives.

From Scrivener's Friday 5 site:

Today is a state holiday in Hawaii, which I am blessed to call home. Fifty-three years ago, the island chain became the fiftieth United State, and while that is a mixed bag I won’t delve into, I won’t complain about a day off! So to honor the fiftieth star on the U.S. flag, here are five questions very loosely inspired by this day.

1. Hawaii’s nickname is the Aloha State. If your neighborhood were to be admitted as the fifty-first state, what would be its nickname?

Koreamoku Town!

2. What do you own fifty of?

Years plus some!

3. What’s the nicest beach you’ve been to?

Lanikai Beach near Kailua, Oahu. It's been years since I been there that I have zero pictures of the place.

4. A pizza with ham and pineapple is often called a Hawaiian pizza (something that annoys many of us who live here and can’t stand that flavor combination). If you live in Hawaii, what should rightfully be called a Hawaiian pizza, and if you live elsewhere, what would go on the pizza named after your area?

Kim Chee, Hamburger and Pepperoni - heh, it probably taste terrible but would go fine at the Koreamoku Town 51st State.

5. What mental and emotional states do you hope to attain this weekend?

Calmness and relaxed mental, emotional and physical states would be the best to attain, though not always easy.

Thanks for participating, and happy Statehood Day, Hawaii! Same to you all.

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