Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday 5 for September 21 - Where to Go

Scrivener's Friday 5 for September 21 - Where To Go?

McDonald's Coffee
1. Where do you go for a great cup of coffee or tea?

I don't do coffee nor tea, but places that sell these items usually have good breakfast food or at least convenient food. I tend to go to McDonalds' with my coffee drinking buddy because we not only like the low prices for food and beverage there, but they also have free wifi!

Chocolate Goodness

2. Where do you go for a great doughnut?

Most doughnuts are great and location does not matter all that much. One thing I have noticed is a spike in prices for your usual doughnuts....  glazed, sugar or chocolate... not good, which could also be good since I should not eat doughnuts with any regularity. For really sweet doughnuts there is Krispy Kreme which I understand is only on the island of Maui. That said I also consider Malasadas as a form of doughnut and the best place to get them is Leonards' Bakery on Oahu or Tex Drive In on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Lunch Today

3. Where do you go for a great sandwich?

I have found that Hau Tree Lanai (crab cake sandwich plate shown) in Waikiki have good sandwiches if you want to pay the price not only for the sandwich but also for the beachfront "ambience".... otherwise I mostly settle for a Subway build to order sandwich.

4. Where do you go for a great bowl of soup?

Not much of a soup conneissour, but when I want some I make it from canned or soup mix I get from the supermarket.

Smile Burger

5. Where do you go for a great post-midnight snack?

What's open past midnight in Honolulu? Plenty... LikeLike Drive In or Zippy's are open if you want your snack to be a meal... otherwise the old stand-by's such as McDonald's, 7-Eleven, Don Quijote, Safeway and WalMart will do fine. Photo above: Hamburger patty from LikeLike Drive In. That is good with their fried rice side order plate. Mmmmm.

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