Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday 5 for September 8: Consumption

The following questions come from Scrivener's weekly Friday 5 blog.

1. What is your paper towel consumption like?

I go through one standard roll about every 5 to 6 weeks.

2. What condiment do you use most often?

Since I am not supposed to consume too much salt, Pepper is my #1 go to condiment. Also use other condiments from the Mrs. Dash family of seasonings. Pepper is the new salt! BTW, seasonings are about as close as I get to regularly consuming a "condiment". I rarely do ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, etc. since much of these things have a salt content.

3. What is your sticky note consumption like?

I'm not a post-it notes type of person. I usually just keep rough notes on scraps of paper on my desk which are usually the backs of sales receipts and bank ATM statements. If the note is very important I either re-transcribe them on the computer and save them in Google Keep or Evernote. If I am feeling lazy or not readily available to access my computer or connected device and don't want to lose the paper scrap? I take a picture of the note, save it to Google Photos in my album called notes and stuff.

I also have a small white board (photo below) that I can write notes on. If I want to keep the note, I take a picture of it.

Granted the three computer methods are not that efficient since notes could exist anywhere among the three. But at least they won't get lost.

The main reason why I don't use post it and other sticky notes is that I can get by using what I have for free instead of buying these expensive, throwaway sticky note pads.

4. What’s your coin jar setup?

1 jar for Quarters, 1 jar for dimes and nickels and 1 jar for pennies. When they fill up I take em to Coinstar and change them for cash bills. The downside to that is that Coinstar does take a cut. However if I have too much loose change it gets to be a humbug to count them all.... especially pennies.

Quarters I mostly keep since I have to gamble on the coin slot machines (known as washers and dryers) in my building to do laundry! Don't you just hate it when you dump a bunch of quarters in the dryer and your clothes don't completely dry on the first cycle! Errrrrrrr.....

5. What’s something you’ve purchased recently that was lower in price than usual?

Don Quijote had a vendor outside selling donut hole sized Andagi (Japanese malasada) in a bag of 4 for a dollar the other day.

I go to the HMSA Farmer's Market to buy a bag of 4 lemons for $2 and a bag of 4 or 5 onions for $2. The other Farmer's Market at Kaiser Pemanente at Pensacola have onion bags for sale at $1.50.

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  1. I've become increasingly unhappy with Evernote. I think going to switch either to OneNote or Google Keep. How do you like Keep?