Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday 5 for October 11: Enclosures

First off to 勝美 and onebadscrivener: Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my last blog entry. While I frequently diss Apple, I still recognize that they make the best operating systems on the planet and some of the best hardware too. As for mittens, yep, in Hawaii those are rarely used.

Now onward with this week's Friday 5: Enclosures.

1. What’s something (besides an electronic device) for which you spent extra money on a protective case?

A toothbrush case is a good thing to have to hold your toothbrush in. You can rest assured that while the implement is being stored mostly in your dark bathroom, nasty critters such as cockroaches are not climbing on the bristles that you will later put in your mouth!

2. What product’s packaging do you find excessive or inadequate?

Anything and everything that comes in a hard to open BLISTER PACK. Lots of small, hard consumer products are packaged in a blister pack. Most of them are horrible things to try and open without injuring yourself. Why can't products be put in a simple cardboard box with a cheap plastic film window for display purposes. Why blister packs?

I guess they don't want people stealing the product from the store? They don't want you to open the product when you get home? What? What?

File this under "Annoyingly Excessive".

Runner up: Any new high tech Apple and other devices. Packaging made for vain people who want to do un-boxing videos. [sigh]

3. What are your preferences for food storage containers?

PLASTIC works wonders. Sterilite, Rubbermaid and other similar containers that I can find for sale, hopefully cheap at WalMart will usually get my purchase when I need them.

4. This coming week, what would you like to be shielded from?

Bills, bill collectors, pop up ads, useless notifications, annoying spam emails, telemarketing phone calls, uninvited guests, and other annoyances in everyday life. It's the same crap every week. This is never ending.

5. What’s something interesting you’re keeping in a plastic storage box in your home?

Let's see.... In a big Sterilite container(s) I have the following:

1. Apple G3 iBook Laptop computer - screen is messed up, boots OSX.
2. HP Netbook computer - needs new hard drive; should get an SSD for that and install a Linux on it.
3. Tons and tons of old photos and negatives (various containers) - needs sorting and purging; from my film days.
4. A container of some older film cameras. Minolta, Yashica, Ricoh, Kodak and a few others... various models. Most probably do work.
5. Plastic containers with DVDs and CDs. I've pretty much stopped buying these since I had to do a great big purge back in 2016 to make room in my cluttered apartment.

Lots of somethings.

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  1. I've been moving my CDs to plastic tubs as well. Makes me kind of sad.