Sunday, October 20, 2019

Friday 5 for October 18: Doubt

The questions come from Scrivener's Friday 5 page.

I doubt if any of this will be good.

1. What were you recently sure of, but are now having doubts about?

As a pessimist, I am never 100% sure of mostly anything except for death and taxes, since anything else can and sometimes do go wrong.

Currently I am having serious doubts on whether I can continue on my current track until January 2020. And then I have to figure the rest of that year out.

Lately I have been having serious doubts about the operation of my car. Perhaps it is time to get rid of it.

2. What’s something you’d like to see this weekend but probably won’t?

I still have a chance to see and photograph the sunset if I make an effort. All plans to catch the sunrise have been scrapped for this weekend, as it has for most of my life since July.

3. When were your doubts pleasantly verified?

Usually when something bad happens and it is manifested. Then I think I should have either done it earlier or not do it at all. It largely depends on the situation you are in.

4. When were your doubts pleasantly disproven?

Sometimes when my friend tells me about a process that is new to me that I doubt when I first hear about it. I am a skeptic and not that open to adopting new ideas right away until I can read more about it and see it verified through another information source or by another person.

5. What’s something you have absolutely no doubts about?

We will certainly die. The only thing we can do is try to put that fate off for as long as possible.

Yep, this week's Friday 5 is a downer. No doubt about that!

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  1. I recently read an article about optimists living longer. You're cutting out salt and other foods in order to live longer -- why not try a little optimism? :)

    I'm teasing of course, but we could all use a little bit of hopeful feeling in our lives, right? Couldn't hurt!