Sunday, November 3, 2019

Friday 5 for November 1: Food Mood

From the Friday 5 blog... comes another topic on food.*

1. What’s the best striped food?
From when I was a kid, I always liked 
these striped cookies from Keebler.

2. What’s the best spotted food? 

I don't  know  about spotted food. I associate that with age... like bread that is growing green mold spots... cheese with mold growing on it. Because this comes to mind, I don't think I want spotted food.

Spotted food? Really??? 

3. What’s the best layered food?

  • Any multi layered cake with chocolate frosting between each layer will do fine.
  • I guess the second layered food I like is lasanga.

4. What’s the best swirly food? 

We're back to junk dessert food for this which is so good... cinnamon roll is good or the strawberry one. Mmmm... sugar and too much for me. Look at all the junk food so far in this post... we got like really crappy food (moldy bread) to really sweet but not totally good for you food and we haven't even made it to #5.


5. What’s the best black-and-white food?

And drumroll please, back to my childhood... OREO COOKIES! Yep, the ultimate, black and white food... Just don't eat too much all at once... because what goes in black and white comes out all...... black! Muahahahahahaha!

I hope my doctor doesn't read this... heh... Most of these foods I should not eat... especially #2.... and too much of #5 because you would not like the color of your #2. That's it for my sugar and cholesterol fix for today.

This was fun compared to the last Friday 5 I answered.

* Photos come from various public domain files.

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