Saturday, July 9, 2022

Friday 5 for July 8: Willing and Able

Questions are from Scrivener's site. I hate planned obsolescence.

1. What did you once dislike but now find pleasurable?

If I disliked it before, it is highly unlikely that I will find it now to be pleasurable. I dislike waiting in long lines, mingling in social crowds, high prices, filling out tax forms and many other things. Once it is unpleasant, it always is and will be unpleasant. The only good thing I can get out that is to avoid unpleasant situations as much as possible.

2. When did you last prove to be adaptable?

When I reluctantly went to a lunch recently in a restaurant after not eating out in a crowded joint since the implementation of COVID restrictions. I'm not a big fan of work lunches. I was happy after that lunch was way over.

3. Who’s especially adorable?

At this point in time, probably my grand niece who I have not seen in real life. She lives too far away (requires paying expensive airfare and wearing a mask for more than 6 hours).

4. Among your possessions, what’s especially durable?

I love things that last a long time. The following things that I own, still work.

  1. 1993 Toyota Corolla - Had it since 2000. It is 29 years old.
  2. Sears Kenmore Refrigerator - Since 1985.
  3. Radio Shack 4-channel analog mixer - Since 1988.
  4. Panasonic Technics turntable - Since the 1980s.
  5. Many older film cameras - Minolta, Yashica, Canon, Olympus - various years.
  6. Digital cameras 2011 and older (surprise) - They have easy to replace, removable batteries.
  7. Old Records - Plenty of those... LPs, 45s. Better to be satisfied with the old stuff than buying new vinyl which have exploded with price increases in recent weeks. I haven't bought a brand new record in decades. Used records are a better bargain if you want to get vinyl. You just have to be selective and careful.
  8. Compact Discs - Plenty in my collection that I've had since the late 1980s onward. Just need to take care of them, and they'll last forever. 
  9. Cassette Tapes - I have plenty of mixed tapes that I made in the 1980s and 1990s.
  10. Old T-shirts - Even if they have "puka" I keep them.
  11. Old Photos, Printed and Digital - They are priceless memories.

I have plenty of other things that are old and still last a long time.

The problem with many 21st century tech items is that none are built to last like the classics. You can start with built in batteries that seal the planned obsolescence of many devices, such as smartphones and smart TVs. Computerization of everything does not help either as your device, even if it works, is rendered obsolete once the company that sold it to you stops supporting it with updates. Also many of today's devices are hostile to being repairable by owners or third parties. Ugh!

5. Among stuff you ate this week, what was the most delectable?

Take out pizza on July 3 is probably the most qualified for the week.

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