Friday, December 23, 2022

Friday 5 for December 23: On the dotted line

The following questions are from Scrivener's weekly Friday 5 blog.

1. What did you last put your signature on?

Hand drawn e-signature on a prescription pick up this week.

2. How legible is your signature?

With cursive handwriting, it is fairly easy to read and make out my first and last name. Sometimes I rush through it, other times I take my time. More and more I am doing less signatures on paper and more with electronic media which means funky block letters or just typing it in... or cut and paste a scanned handwritten copy. Whatever.

3. How has your signature changed over time?

Went from mostly signed on paper to electronic signature in recent years.

4. When did you last initial something?

Right now: MAC

5. Is there a story behind your given name, or is it just a name?

My first name is from my Dad. My sir name is a result of a screw up by the territorial government of Hawaii from when my paternal grandfather arrived off a boat from China. That bureaucratic mistake has carried down to 4 generations. I was screwed by the government before I was born!

The song link below has just about nothing to do with this blog entry.

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