Sunday, December 11, 2022

When the Friday 5 is the Friday 10

It's catch-up time for at least two cycles... Friday 5....

Friday 5 for December 9: Trivial Pursuit

1. What’s something you’re into that others don’t get?

2. What’s something you’ve wanted to get into?

Getting back into developing my own black and white film and making prints from that. Haven't done it since college. Cost and lack of space is too prohibitive.

3. What are you less into than you once were?

I stopped buying vinyl records. I ran out of space and in the last 3 years the price of vinyl records have significantly increased making purchases out of my budget range. I have to be satisfied with the 600+ record albums I already own and a couple hundred 45s. I had to severely cut back my music collection of records, CDs and tapes back in 2016. 😐

4. What difficult-to-find item would you really like to get your hands on?

A copy of "Beach Rock" 45 rpm record on SeaWest Records by the rock group Blue Finn. I think that was their only record and it has never been issued to a digital format as far as I know. I have a copy but someone in my family severely played it too many times and made a scratchy mess out of the recording. Ugh!

5. What is the standard attire for people into whatever you’re into? If there is none, what would be the appropriate dress?

Casual. I am not a dress up type of person and I get along best with people who are casually dressed.

Friday 5 for December 2: Seconds

1. When did someone last offer you a second chance?

God. I got a second chance on life in late 2015.

2. For how many seconds can you hold your breath?

I like breathing. I don't hold my breath for anything.

3. What movie was better on second viewing?

Generally when I don't like a movie on first viewing, I never bother to give it a second chance. I can't think of anything recent or from the past that I gave a second chance to watch again.

4. What’s your second-favorite song by your second-favorite musician?

Currently, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John.

5. When did you most recently have to redo something because you were careless or sloppy?

I hate redoing anything. It is like one step forward and three steps back! Ugh.... most recently some elements of the Assistance League of Hawaii Newsletter.

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