Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 5 for October 23: Resilience

1. Who in your life seems especially resilient?

My Dad (photo) has been resilient and through a lot in more than 80 years.

2. What characteristics would a person need to develop in order to become resilient?

There are probably many characteristics - among them a person should be optimistic, able to withstand criticism, ability to bounce back from bad situations, have a sense of humor and not to take everything too seriously. I am sure there are more.

3. In what areas of your life do you think you’ve been resilient?

I've been able to bounce back from some bad situations like illness and unemployment. You have to in order to move on with life.

4. It is often said among educators that a strong indicator of resiliency in children is the presence of a “charismatic adult.” In your own childhood, who was the charismatic adult who inspired you to grow positively?

Not anyone in particular.

5. Can one be tough and resilient at the same time, or are they opposite traits?

I think you have to be tough in order to be resilient. I would add "strong" and "tough" to the characteristics in the question #2 above.

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