Saturday, January 9, 2021

Friday 5 for January 8: Watching my figure


Mel's Figurines

Friday 5 for January 8, 2021: Watching my figure

Questions from the Friday 5 blog.

1. What are some figurines you own?

I don't have much and they barely qualify as figurines. What you see in the photo above is what I have. Michelin Tire Man, Chinese Lucky Cat (the only one that I think is a figurine), Rubber Duckie with Lei and a small glass floater ball that I found at a North Shore beach more than 35 years ago.

2. What are you trying to figure out?

Life's complexities. Why can't life be simpler?

3. Two circles or one continuous motion: how do you write the figure 8?

For me on continuous stroke.... the same way I do a treble clef. Which brings me to this:

4. How do you feel about Fig Newtons?

I don't like them. Next...

5. What’s a good metaphor to describe your first week of 2021?

Trying to figure life out, related to #2. Plus I have work.... again. Can't think of anything metaphoric to it... it's just all routine. So far 2021 feels the same as 2020, though work is a good thing.

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  1. The Michelin man is definitely a figurine! Nice net float, too.