Saturday, September 25, 2021

Friday 5 for September 24: Gripe session

Rainbows are way too overrated! 

The questions, as usual comes from Scrivener's Friday 5 Blog. Check it out.

OK... the negativity built up as I answered these questions. You have been warned. After all the topic is about "gripes". I'm full of 'em. Train!!!!!

1. What complaints do you have about this weekend?

Laundry and it's always too short.

2. What are your grievances with yourself?

Too many to list here. Plus you know, it is personal. Sometime don't you think these questions are mining our personal information? Hopefully none of you are into data harvesting. Be selective of which questions or even Friday 5's to post to. The host is probably not data harvesting but our answers are out there. There could be bots mining our information. 

Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, the government. We are products to be sold to the highest bidder... whatever. Makes you want to go back to the analog age. Paper, pencils, pens, typewriters and ugh.. underlining text!!!! Plus no internet. Heh.

3. What are your objections to rainbows, flowers, and puppies?

Too rosy, sappy, and disappointing; especially that legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that have been elusive for all our lives! Today these objects are used for marketing kids stuff like My Little Pony. Oh.. and I am not a fan of dogs. Don't get me started on that.

4. What are your criticisms about your domicile?

Rules that I don't want to reiterate here. If you live in a building or community governed by Home Owners Association rules, be prepared for surprises. HOA boards are generally rigid and inflexible. 

5. What’s your beef with excessively negative people?

None because generally I am kind of negative myself. I am not one that is optimistic filled with visions of rainbows, flowers and most of all puppies. Yes I take photos of rainbows and flowers, and generally they make you feel good. Most of the time, flowers are pretty but when they dry up... well they are not photogenic at all. 

Puppies? They grow up to be dogs that require way too much attention, maintenance and cleaning up of their poo. Some of the aggressive dogs snarl, bark and may bite you. Plus I hate owners who feel they can just waltz into some retail establishment with their mutt, especially when you can clearly see that they are not a "service animal." 

Stores need to ENFORCE their no pets policy. 

Also did you know dogs and other pets are prohibited from Ala Moana Beach Park? You know dogs... they poo... and maybe in the sand??? Ugh. Why aren't the rules about animals not enforced???? 

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  1. Yeah there are far too many inconsiderate dog owners in this town.

    You? Negative? :)